why taf?


  • Eating nutritiously can be delicious, and TAF Meals are because it is built by a team of professional chefs, F&B enthusiasts and certified dietitian. We built our menu keeping the food we eat everyday in mind, so that nutritious-eating can be sustainable for you.

  • A nutrient-dense meal is key to our health and overall well-being. A diet packed with nourishing food will make your body feel great and rev up your metabolism.

  • The TAF meal plan offers a colourful diet and well-balanced recipes, which are essential in a nutritious meal. 

  • By subscribing to TAF Meals religiously, you will cultivate the good habit of having 5 balanced meals a day, providing a good foundation to cultivate a healthy body and mind.

  • We list down the macronutrients of your meal and all the ingredients used, so that you know exactly what you are putting into your diet.


  • Real food cooked with fresh ingredients and freshly prepared daily.

  • With a wide variety of 70 recipes in store, eating well can come with many choices and colours.

  • With 3 main meals and 2 snacks daily, eating well and right does not mean food deprivation.


  • Leave the shopping of good ingredients, meal prepping and cooking to us! You can now have more time to enjoy doing what you love while you eat nutritiously.

  • All orders come with 5 pre-packed meals a day (3 mains, 2 snacks). Where re-heating is required, simply put it into the microwave as detailed by instructions.

  • Unable to pick up from our store? We advise to arrange your own Grab/Lalamove/Mr Speedy to pick up at our pick-up-point in Botanica Deli at Bangsar South. Please quote your order number.